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Breakdown Point Theory Notes

Posted by dhin pada 26 April 2009

Breakdown Point Theory Notes
Charles J. Geyer
February 2, 2006

These are class notes for Stat 5601 (nonparametrics) taught at the University of Minnesota, Spring 2006. This not a theory course, so the bit of theory we do here is very simple, but very important. Without some notion of robustness we have no way to say why nonparametrics is a good idea, or, at least, no quantitative way. We could say (and
sometimes do say) that the assumptions for the sign test are weaker than the assumptions for the signed rank test, which in turn are weaker than the assumptions for Student’s t test. But what does that say? We know that no data are exactly normal, so
either no one should ever use Student’s t test or one should use Student’s t test so long as the population distribution isn’t too non-normal but what does the latter statement mean? What is too non-normal when we have no way to quantitate non-normality?

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